Monday, June 19, 2017


my wounded softened heart

a feeling of tenderness tinged with some sadness

in the process of finding this, the journey goes down, not up.

moving toward the suffering and doubt...sliding into it...tip toe-ing into it.

exploring the reality of insecurity and pain....trying not to push it away.

moving down and down and down.

with me are millions of others, awakening from fear.

At the bottom is water.

Healing water of bodhichitta,...the love that will not die.

still reading Pema Chodron and am still healing


  1. Replies
    1. yes, it is a river. I think of it as a soft, dark, core of a river.
      dark, soft, tall, bordered with old creamy linen punctured and filled with my footsteps of darkness

      now stitched so tightly together I ask myself why?

      why can't you just hold me

    2. at a gallery in Seattle in 1999 Old Man Crow & I were both moved to tears as we read these words sandblasted into a shard of glass;
      "You always cut the one you love" they say, I say "Hold me"
      I tracked down the artist and bought it for the man's 60th birthday back in 2007

    3. I totally understand this reply. Hold Me - very powerful words. Title of a piece I made way back in the 90's.
      copy and paste this link to see.

    4. the holding is so integral to this path of cloth and stitch so different to glass


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