Monday, January 21, 2019

aunt diana's Indian shawl

the cloud in me
large emptiness small marks
not to know but to go on
sun moon stars
red thread II
cross my heart
manitoulin circle project
story quilts
millennium journal
stitched paper
red thread I
the house with the golden windows

these are the 14 portfolios I have been sorting all weekend for my new website

Monday, January 14, 2019

finally at the edge

Embroidery is very closely related to painting.  It is constantly changing, with every new style each epoch brings.  It is an art and ought to be treated like one, even if thousands upon thousands of sweet female hands - displaying scant skill, no taste or colour sense, and not a hint of inspiration - mis-handle quantities of good materials as foolishly as possible and call the results embroidery.

Have you no eyes to see what is happening in your own time?  How art, right now, is going through a major revolution, that soon it will be striving for height again, changed, cleansed and with huge momentum?  Just as it is no longer enough for a painter to just replicate naturalistic little flowers, a still life or a nude, it is essential that in the future embroidery should once again develop a feeling for abstract forms, so that beauty, emotions, spirit and yes, soul, will return to it.  Doesn't Japanese embroidery display its own civilization and are not peasant embroideries and folk art the embodiment of feelings executed with primal force?  What qualities?

But you, craftswoman, modern women, who feel that your spirit is in your work, who are determined to lay claims to your rights (ecenomic and moral) , who believe your feet are firmly planted in reality, at least y-o-u should know your embroidery work is a documentation of your own era!

Hannah Hoch  1918

Saturday, January 5, 2019


"For myself the past is a source.
I'm drawn to the primitive, the ritual and fetish elements, to the symmetrical plastic order."
Cy Twombly