Thursday, June 30, 2016

sunny yellow space

I do not have a design wall going - but I am managing to stitch in the mornings.  This morning I put 2 hours into this large piece.

I have a blood infection, and it is really affecting me.
I spend most of the day in this room - our yellow bedroom with the bay window.

I have art from friends on the wall.  Penny Berens - the green stitching to the left.
Linda Finn, the framed piece on the wall.
Hand made necklaces from April and others - also pearls from my mother hang from pins beside it.
A weaving from Avalance looms in the bay window - used when I have a chill at night (and Ned doesn't).  It is a one person blanket.
Just peeking out at the top of the bed is the yellow cashmere sweater, another life saver - I wear it when ever I need to wrap myself up.  (purchased at Marks and Spemcer's last summer when I was with Grace in England)

In this photo there are no sheets on the bed because Ned washed them and dried them on the line.  What you do see is the washable wool fleece we bought in the first year of our marriage - it still covers the mattress. (see the photo under the window? - that's us in 1973 on our wedding day)  The plastic box and birch bark basket in the window hold the threads that I am using for the silk quilt.  hoop by hoop.

I feel that I need to tell my blog friends how sick I am - but am not able to put this on the main blog for some reason.  Thank you for the caring emails I have received this week.  I will answer - but I just have so very little energy.  xo

Monday, June 27, 2016

slowed down

I still haven't got this piece off of the skinny design wall, so decided to photo graph it.   Ned will have to remove it - I can't climb on the stool.

I have had a set back with my left leg - an infection has developed and I am receiving iv treatments of anti-biotic.  This has slowed me way down.

Anything that slows us down is a spiritual practice.

Friday, June 24, 2016

skinny design wall and thoughts about time

These two pieces have been pinned to my skinny design wall for months.  I have figured out how to quilt the green one, but am folding it up again for now.

I plan to use this tiny design wall while I am mending my leg - I've set up a sewing area and am working on a huge project, but it's skinny.

time spent looking
time spent living
using time as a material
it may be invisible, but it is relentless
it has an effect on everything