Wednesday, October 27, 2021

how content I feel, complete

 Played the piano at the dress rehearsal, made tacos and dough for gingerbread cookies, practiced piano with the girls and lost patience with all of them- am now going to quilt on my commission, Ned is watching Mash.  Now he has gone up to bed.  ‘You lazy dog’ he says to Rufus who is lying on the sofa.  December 1991 journal entry.  

That was then.

This is now.  30 years later.  On the wall in my town studio, the reverse side of Mended World, one of the 4 meditation panels I made with members of my community in 2011.  Blocked and cleaned after world tour with Masterworks: Abstract and Geometric.  There is a Marimekko print on the back of each panel - 90 inches square, they hang in a local church.

When I go into the town studio, I start by reading one of my old journals to set a mood and find my self.  It astounds me how busy I was with the children, yet still did the art. 

Monday, October 25, 2021

beauty tears a cry from me

This is the enigma. Softness is born from strength.

You! The voice says, and I am born.  Look! She says, and I see everything.  Touch! and I am touched.  Her body makes me speak.  There is a link between my breath and her brilliance.  Surprise! Beauty tears a cry from me.  Yes! her beauty strikes me.  Produces streaming.  Makes me flow.  She seduces my forces. Gentleness.  Gives me the desire to complete her.  Emptying me.  Recasts me.  Projects new traits.  Now at last I resemble her. 

How beautiful I am.                     Helene Cixous 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

this morning

 I’m having a hard time starting today. 

Stayed in bed a while and finished my Mistry book.  

Sad that he hasn’t been published since 2002. 

He’s my age.