Monday, June 6, 2022

sense of touch

 Painting is an art which aims at giving an abiding impression of reality with only 2 dimensions.  The painter must, therefore, do consciously what we all do unconsciously- construct a third dimension.  And he can accomplish his task only as we accomplish ours, by giving tactile values to retinal impressions.  He must rouse the tactile sense. 

Art must make contact with our sense of the tactile that is the textural quality of ideas or substance.  Our eyes, our ears, all our senses are the indications of the existence of a variable reality that will ultimately resolve itself in our sense of touch. 

Man in his most profound biological functions is impelled by his sense of touch.  

Mark Rothko   The Artist’s Reality 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

let yourself fall ill

 Be true to your own spirit.

Use who you are to your advantage. 

Know your ability.  Build on that.

Stick to realistic goals. 

Sue Ackerman