Friday, June 24, 2016

skinny design wall and thoughts about time

These two pieces have been pinned to my skinny design wall for months.  I have figured out how to quilt the green one, but am folding it up again for now.

I plan to use this tiny design wall while I am mending my leg - I've set up a sewing area and am working on a huge project, but it's skinny.

time spent looking
time spent living
using time as a material
it may be invisible, but it is relentless
it has an effect on everything


  1. relentless, yes, but too, ever present. always available

  2. Huge. Skinny. Time. Sewing. Mending. Mending. Mending.

    (That green cloth looks like the back of a dress. A vintage dress that I could've fit into once upon a decade.) I'm glad you have set up a sewing area that suits your current needs.


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