Wednesday, February 18, 2015


dreams are like art
both are sort of a conjuring up of things we need to survive.

dreams of guilt
dreams of redemption

my dream is offering me something that I need.
my responsibility to myself is to try to understand what it means.

Miriam Toews


  1. coming here is like visiting a museum. i look forward to it every day - seeing what bits you've gleaned from others and how you pair and interpret them with your fabrics on your wall. witnessing how your muse and self meld. xxx

    1. I look forward to this blog every day too - it's interesting. The design wall evolves on one side of the hill - the journal is the river. It's so exciting to find that they replenish each other and me. I learn from them both.

  2. okay, to be clear : it's not that i so enjoy reading my words that i repeat myself. i think i just figured it out the problem - after i drop off my comment, i hit the "go back" arrow, and somehow, as i retrace my steps, the commenting gremlin leaves a carbon copy of my previous comment. henceforth, i shall drop off my comment and exit stage left.


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