Friday, February 20, 2015

pay attention

It is important for the child to feel that the mother is present.

It is also important to give the child enough space to be in its own imagination.

a D.W. Winnicott idea


  1. my responses, in the order of their occurrence (after the daily "yay! she hasn't stopped yet."

    1. a chuckle. more of a gleeful, unbridled chortle, really.
    2. looking at the first image: a tingle of delight, seeing the mother whose presence spans the lifetime of a child, regardless of where the child is in the geographical sense of things. seeing the child who is given space for her own imagination, confident in the Knowing that the mother is There.
    3. looking at the second image: another chuckle. mother/child. alike, but different.
    4. D. W. Winnicutt. Love his ideas. Have revisited them many times to add dimension to the collaboration with Nancy. Especially his Scribbles Theory.
    5. a lifetime of flow that encapsulates the dots of a lifetime. flow on the surface that's seen, flow in the depths of the interior that requires a different kind of seeing.


    1. Your intelligence blows me away. I am in the air. I am rooted.


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