Wednesday, February 25, 2015

reparation cloth

The Melanie Klein idea that the work of art is like the act of mourning.

Mourning is a way to work through feelings of loss.  There is reparation.

All creation is a re-creation of a loved and lost object.

When the world within us is destroyed, it's then when we must re-create the world anew.

Hanna Segel  ... Andrea Fraser


  1. i am in love with that rich blue velvet. and it does pop minus the brownish inner border. good job on how you used the napkins, preserving the beautiful art deco designs. as for the notion that making art is akin to mourning, that resonates so deeply with me. when nancy draws, she celebrates. when i stitch her drawings, i mourn. mourn not her "loss", but mine. x

    1. I am working through the idea that art is a re-creation of something we have loved and lost.
      This idea makes me think and look.


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