Friday, March 6, 2015


A new look at the enlightenment given to me by Molly Peacock on page 248 of The Paper Garden.

Not so different than Merleau Ponty's ideas two hundred years later.

"She was firmly a Lockean product of the early eighteenth century who believed in knowledge determined by experience and the perception of the senses."


  1. I told somebody this very quote earlier today! They just looked back at me all glassy-eyed as I forged ahead - starvied for conversation - about college degrees and embodiment and felt senses and haptic as an intelligence felt senses and the ways women know things. When I got to the part about different ways of Knowing, they excused themselves and seemed downright eager to get back to moving.

    Speaking of different ways of knowing, have you ever read the book Different Ways of Knowing? It's a little on the dry side and sometimes - okay, frequently - rather inaccessible, but oh how I love everything (including how it was written) about that book.

    Loving this piece. And seeing your bare, well-tended toenails makes me smile. And a little jealous, actually. I just finished a piece about 3 weeks ago that's covered in French knots. Headed back up the mountain tomorrow. Will try to get a post with photos up soon. Sorry to go long. Told you I'm starved. . .

    1. I looked for a book Different Ways of Knowing - but not sure if I found it on amazon. Who is the author?

  2. no wonder you couldn't find it - i gave you the wrong title. my poor moving mother-addled brain. it's Women's Ways of Knowing by Mary Field Belenky and others. i have the print edition with my original notes and conversations in the margin and the kindle edition so i can always have it closeby.


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