Sunday, March 1, 2015

gives me

Art is poultice for a burn.
It is a privilege to have,
somewhere within you,
a capacity for making something
speak from your own
seared experience.
Molly Peacock
The Paper Garden page 84


  1. Yay - it made it to the top of your book stack! I just finished it (listening version, so I could read while stitching) and found it intriguing, informative, and entertaining on many levels for many reasons. This is one of the quotes I stopped to write down, too - "poultice for a bum", exactly.

    Thanks for sharing a close-up of this piece you're working on. It's a pillowcase? Try as I might, I couldn't tell in yesterday's photo (even when I made it as large as possible) what kind of stitch the red was. Now that I see it's writing, I am reminded of Agnes's Jacket by Gail Hornstein. Are you familiar with that?

  2. Yes, it is a pillow case. It matches one I embroidered earlier - I wrote about both on my main blog quite recently.
    I am familiar with the jacket by Agnes Richter, I've seen photos of it several times, and it probably was an influence on this red text wrapping. I've seen many red thread text pieces in historical textiles, so who knows exactly what the influence might be...
    I was not aware of the book by Gail Hornstein however - just googled that now and it looks interesting. Have you read it ?
    I am loving Molly Peacock's book about Mary Delany. xx

  3. I LOVE the book by Gail Hornstein. So much rich, good information on Agnes's jacket. Plus it's the story of Gail following her passion, and I love those stories the best. Missed the post about the pillowcase. Going back to find it now.

  4. Didn't miss it, just was so captivated with the design and stitching, with the swaddling and bundling, that I missed the fact that there were 3 pillowcases.

  5. I've just ordered The Paper Garden ...

    1. It will reward you with thoughtful poetics and knowledge about an era and life style far removed from our own, yet the author brings it into the 21st century and into her own life. I am astounded by this book.


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