Monday, April 4, 2016


A new word for me to think about from Caroline Levine.  Affordance.

Glass affords transparency and brittleness, a fork affords stabbing and scooping.  Forms can be moved to new contexts, but they bring their limits with them.  Materials constrain forms . (you cannot make a poem out of soup).  There is a relationship between materiality and form.

What I am looking at here on my wall are clothes I have ordered over the internet that do not suit me in combination with some of the many black and white fabrics I have collected.  I consider making a string quilt from these fabrics.  A practical string quilt.  Those clothes don't flatter me, but their MATERIALS are so nice.

What would a string quilt made from new garments purchased with VISA and inspired by impulse, hope and dream ...mean?  Would this be a dream quilt?  A  hope quilt?

These pieces of clothing (bought without trying them on or touching them before purchase) afford natural fibres and plus sizes and trust.  Those things will stick to the fabrics even as they become transformed into unrecognizable bits of cloth artfully re-arranged.   A quilt affords nurturing, protection, domestic beauty, and is a flag for the bed that creative women have poured their hearts into for generations.  Quilts afford trust.

'Dreams' connect the original and the new form for these materials, but all raw materials have a dream factor, don't they?

It's not enough.  I don't think I'll go  through with this quilt.
I can't afford the time.


  1. interesting that you say a poem can't be made from soup
    one of Old Man Crow's stream of consciousness poems that he wrote while driving and me scribbling madly was-
    "brass key, back door
    freeze dried, what for
    primo primo last chance
    makes about as much sense
    as alphabet soup"

    1. Great poem. But it was made with language.

    2. ah but it wouldn't make any sense without having seen the wriggly letters whilst eating an alphabet soup!

    3. and here's a link to an object poem
      poetry read through the haptic senses


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