Saturday, August 20, 2016

nervous and vulnerable

Three questions I was recently asked.

Are you spiritual?
Is your being happy in your body?
Do you want to control your own life?


  1. love how there's marks to be made for the nervous trembling days, the fiercely wild ones, the gentle tenderness of a sadly poignant point, it's all in the the just going-ness as Jude Hill has named it

  2. i don't like to interpret other people's work with images that i see
    but here, it makes me think of playing cards. And i think then,
    immediately of a Cloth that i bought from Jude, Jude Hill, way back
    in the beginning with her that was like an odd playing card, a
    King of Hearts but with a dark energy to it. This Cloth of yours
    has no dark energy, but is LIGHT, very light but still brought
    Jude's Cloth to mind, Playing Card, to mind
    and what she also said, with that Cloth,
    "maybe the hand you dealt your self".


I hope that we can have a conversation about creation. Thank you for taking interest. x