Monday, August 15, 2016

sky full of clouds, field full of grass

I have completed it.
A piece that is larger than I can reach in all directions, filled with hand stitch.
The marks and lines distract the viewer's eye just enough.

I could look at it for hours.  It puts me into a reverie.

This is not the entire piece which is a square.  I've folded the top third down.
Mostly it is because I am still fearful of using the step stool.
However, I can walk on one level without using the cane.
I can go up and down a staircase with one.


  1. What can I say except thank you for sharing this ... if only the internet included a tactile feature.

  2. Though I've come back to look at this every day this week, I haven't left a comment because words haven't been invented that suit. The quiet movement of the soft, varying colors on the solid fabric leaves me gobsmacked. This is acloth to sit and ponder.

  3. It was my healing cloth. I worked on it every day of my recovery - and shall always see it as a nurturing friend.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments. x


I hope that we can have a conversation about creation. Thank you for taking interest. x