Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My morning drive

On highway 6 on the way to the ferry there were so many cobwebs in the tall grass - on both sides of the road.  I should have stopped to photograph them but put them in my memory instead.
Circles are so easy to draw when you start from the center.

I wonder if that is why they are said to represent the self.  Because, just by slowly going, moving your body or moving the paper under your hand, you can make a perfect circle.

A spider makes a web from the center and then stretches out to the outside and makes spoke that join it to the center.   Then she goes back and joins the spokes.  Is this how I wonder?

Then on the Bruce penninsula, the beautiful firm barns  Several with small lines of red wooden shut windows along the top edge, one with a great red wooden double door.  Some with diamond shaped windows.  Dark barn wood.    And then the dots in the fields.  Black cattle - perfect against the green, and the scattered rolls of hay.

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  1. Who needs a snapshot when we have your lush, riveting description?! I note you're writing and stitching more about place than time of late. But then I think Well, what better keeper and tracker of the passage of the than Place? xo


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