Wednesday, October 12, 2016

prayer flag

My bone is healing - it's healed actually -
new bone has formed, even over the screws.
We saw the x-ray.
The entire day yesterday was spent in the car going to and from doctor.
We left at 9 am, home 10 pm.
Ned went straight to bed - me too, but I got up to clean the studio.

I arranged the red edged hankies into a cross
for a prayer flag


  1. a beautiful honouring of your healing

  2. Such better-than-good news about your leg. And these stitching so you've hung as prayer flags? Well, they sure look like stitched prayers to me. Exquisite. And the red edgings - perfect. xo

    1. I think the red edges are perfect too.
      The hankies are so beautiful, each individual and made from fine, nearly sheer linen or fine cotton - some stained - I am seeking a way to use them with honour. xo

    2. I have a suitcase full of ladies vintage hankies (from In Our Own Language 1), and you're right: they're sheer-with-a-capital-S. That's why I'm so impressed that you filled yours with stitch, and they lay flat. That takes some Serious Tension Talent. xo


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