Thursday, November 24, 2016

do not worry

You must recognize what you have already seen
to get used to it, to use it as best you can
do not fear what you find new
do not underestimate it but
do not over estimate it either.  LB


  1. gosh that wild cloth is stirring the pot

    1. It is an cloth I made from an encaustic painting. I put the linen over the painting and ironed and got this amazing printed fabric. I think that it has finally found a place to BE!

    2. I am finally starting to understand the fundamentals of abstract expressionism through your insights and interpretations, thank you Judy, this is one of those deep ahha moments that has taken a lifetime to get to

  2. Those hankies seem to feel right at home in this beautifully balanced quilt-in-the-making, too.


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