Wednesday, December 7, 2016

pare away


pare away the hankies from the path quilt, and replace them with madder dyed wool-silk.

get a wool batt for this quilt

use welsh quilting patterns -

Welsh quilters developed a quilting style which remains unique to this day.  The quilts are distinguished by the practice of outlining throughout the quilting design and the use of geometric and stylized patterns.  a common layout for a welsh quilt is a large medallion surrounded by motifs and borders.  the different parts of the design are filled with a variety of geometric and stylized patterns.  Patterns common to Welsh quilts include hearts, leaves, rosettes, spirals or snails and Welsh pears which we know as a paisley.  Welsh quilts are one-of-a-kind creations of the individual quilters and were seldom copied quilt for quilt. Utility quilts often were filled with old clothes or blankets but lambs wool was frequently used as batting.  It is through their wool quilts that Welsh quilters have made the greatest impact on the quilt world because the neighbors of the Welsh immigrants in Pennsylvania were the Amish.
from Welsh Quilting Pattern and Design Handbook by Marjorie Horton

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