Thursday, February 2, 2017

cloth is like the body

my work used to be about protection.  Protection Blankets I called them.

now it is more about being wrecked and carrying the wrecked self around all the time.
emotionally and physically wrecked....but mended.

cloth is like the body.
it wears out, it gets softer with age
it holds wisdom and safeness
mended and wrecked, mended and wrecked


  1. mending our beautiful broken world from within and without stitch by stitch

  2. Sugar, I look at this and see bruising and bruises fading, healing. I see holes you could fall into if you're not careful. Holes from which you might never crawl out. I see healing and mending and resiliency. I see Beauty. xo

  3. I see Memory, flawed, frayed, fragmenting, pits or refuges to crawl in or out of.

    1. cloth holds memory
      our memory changes over time
      like the body


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