Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Goethean Inquiry

Experience ordinary things in a new way.

The things that are the most uncertain should be placed boldly on the map so that we can let our journey be led by them.


  1. My jaw dropped when this came into my inbox. Those hugely gestural stitch marks are magic

  2. take me to the other side!
    this rocks with strains of an Aerosmith song

  3. Sugar, this one takes the cake. She's so free and yet contained. So stately and yet approachable. So spring and yet so autumn. xo

  4. thanks for these responses - and these poetic words hich I treasure.

    hugely gestural
    rocks, strains
    stately yet approachable
    spring yet autumn



I hope that we can have a conversation about creation. Thank you for taking interest. x