Friday, March 10, 2017

contained infinity


One of the things that defines the body and that defines people is that they are infinite.

People are more amazing than any art.  Why is a person standing in front of you so powerful?
Why is that presence so strong?  I think it's because of contained infinity.

When I make a sculpture I think of the human body as a model.  I would love my sculptures to have that power, but I know they never will.

David Altmejd


  1. Contained Infinity. I'm m gonna enjoy thinking about that. When people ask me how old I am, I tell them I live smack dab on the finite side of infinity. And that's about the only time and the only way I ever consider infinity.

    1. I blieve that the infinity David is speaking about is the same kind as Gaston Bachelard referred to - the immensity within ourselves. The kind of immensity (or infinity for david altmejd -) that happens when we day dream, or go off on a tangent of memory, or resolve something that has been un-resolved for a long time.
      That immense spirit or infinity within each of us that makes us who we are - it's not a number, it's something invisible.

    2. Oh yes. Immensity, not measurement. Yes. Been sick so long, so far behind everywhere I look - that's just the kind of context that makes me go small and literal. Images be me exhaling in smile, Sigar . . . cause I am. thank you.

  2. love how you channel such breadth of vision stitch by stitich


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