Friday, March 31, 2017

I bleed

On March 31 2015, I wrote in my journal that I would stitch a grid into this piece and then afterwards, from the back, cut small circles into the grid to reveal the red blanket wool inside.
With little raw edges.

Now it is March 31 2017 and I am going to follow through on this idea.

I bleed.
I am a dignified, tall figure that bleeds


  1. oh my stars this piece has "The Muchness" (as the Mad Hatter said to Alice) and it's not even halfway beginning, a good idea can hold a lot of water or blood as the case may be!

    1. Oh thank you Mo. I have started the quilting and it looks just fine. I am really pleased with it. thanks for visiting.

  2. Very regal, aloneness but one-ness, standing on one's own ground.


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