Monday, May 15, 2017

diamonds have four sides

Ask her to define how she wants her work in textiles to be.


Ask her how she is different from me
and from the tradition  


  1. OMG this one just sucked me in. So powerful, an enveloping vortex/black hole. I hope too it will be hung with both sides showing, as light and dark, hope and acceptance, yin and yang, the long night of the dark soul with the inner heart reverse.

    1. thank you Arlee. I hope it will be hung so both sides are visible as well - most people are preferring the reverse side when I show it to friends. x

  2. Replies
    1. the diamond has four sides title for this post are because of my most recent journal entry where i am thinking about the young woman I am working with. She told me that her work is different than mine. I want her to say why.
      And also, she has been working with six sides (hexagon) and five sides (pentagon) and so the next in that series would be four sides - (square) we thought. And she thinks squares might be boring - but then I remembered that the diamond quilt shape has four sides and made a note in my journal.

      All text in these ''my process' entries is a note from my hard covered journal - usually the most recent one.

      Thanks for your comment however - I totally agree that this pieces has two beautiful sides. xo

    2. Oh Sugar, what I wouldn't give to work with you like this young woman is, to enter a relationship with you as womentor, teacher, challenger, lead spelunker, to develop the words to consider textile art with such deep pondering and vision, both creative and analytical. It's a lovely thing to behold. xo

    3. I am sure that we would learn buckets from each other, darling Jeanne. xox


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