Saturday, May 20, 2017

more details later


Once I am dead, it will represent only the shell of an enigma...I will give you more details later.

If details are not there, I beg you not to plunge unexpectedly into my few secrets, or read my letters if any are found, or look at my photographs if any turn up.

I am not frightened of the truth.

I am not afraid to tell a secret.

But until now, words have been frailer and more cunning than I would have liked.

Maurice Blanchot
french philosopher


  1. deep beauty stitch by stitch

  2. This quilt is so simple, yet profound. I like profound

  3. I feel that this quilt is one of my most intuitive. Those green velvet dot - square - trees in snowy landscape - things that are randomly placed - came straight from my heart to the cloth. x


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