Thursday, February 1, 2018

gift cloth

I finally sewed these two pieces of cloth together to make a quilt back.
I don't have a front ready, but....

Gasali Adeyemo made the indigo spiral
another friend gave me the border fabric before she died
Cloth holds so many memories, doesn't it. 


  1. this cloth invites diving in and brings to mind this excerpt from
    "The Page"
    by Margaret Atwood
    in "Murder in the Dark" Coach House Press 1983

    3. The page has no dimensions and no directions. There's no up or down except what you yourself mark, there's no thickness and weight but those you put there, north and south do not exist unless you're certain of them. The page is without vistas and without sounds, without centres or edges. Because of this you can become lost forever. Have you never seen the look of gratitude, the look of joy, on the faces of those who have managed to return from the page? Despite their faintness, their loss of blood, they fall on their knees, they push their hands into the earth, they clasp the bodies of those they love, or, in a pinch, any bodies they can get, with an urgency unknown to those who have never experienced the full horror of a journey into the page.

    1. Wow - oh my goodness - thank you Mo for this writing from one of my heroines. I did not know of it and well, now I do thanks to you.

      Yes, I came across these two cloths in my process of cleaning out my cupboards a little bit every day - clearing .... and they both had so much power. For me - maybe for others, but for me. I promised Gaseli that I would not cut his cloth, but I think he will be fine if I use it in my work.
      without centres or edges, without sounds, because of this we can become lost forever in these two fabrics, now pieced together.

      love you forever xo


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