Saturday, September 8, 2018

music is memory

silence fills me with silence


  1. Oh this one goes deep into the heart of the matter described by Margaret Atwood's 'The Page','Murder in the Dark'(1983)-
    "5. The question about the page is; what is beneath it? It seems to have two dimensions, you can pick it up and turn it over and the back is the same as the front. Nothing, you say, disappointed.
    But you're looking in the wrong place, you were looking on the back instead of beneath. Beneath the page is another story. Beneath the page is everything that has ever happened, most of which you would rather not hear about.
    The page is not a pool but a skin, a skin is there to hold in and it can feel you touching it. Did you really think it would just lie there and do nothing?
    Touch the page at your peril: it is you who are blank and innocent, not the page. Nevertheless you want to know, nothing will stop you. You touch the page, it's as if you've drawn a knife across it, the page has been hurt now, a sinuous wound opens up, a thin incision. Darkness wells through."

    1. thank you
      I always like reading Margaret Atwood - black and white

  2. We decided music is memory,/the way a word is the memory of its meaning. - Anne Michaels, Words for the Body


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