Wednesday, September 19, 2018

the path

We have to do what we have to do.
Responding with joy is the path.
The joy counts.  Nothing else does.
Know your own response to your own work and to the work of others.
To recall in one's own mind past concrete experience is not circling.  It is the path.
Experiences recalled are generaly more satisfying and enlightening than the original experience.
It is in fact the only way to know one's response.
The straight forward path is extremely hard to maintain.
Only joyful discoveries count.
If you are not making them then you are not moving.

Agnes Martin


  1. deep food for thought, "responding with joy" as I am often driven by the rub, the friction that ignites the spark...

  2. And every time I see or think about this one, I recall your hands intertwined with your dad’s hands, and I smile . . . and maybe catch a tear or two before it falls. xo

    1. I have been working on this for so very long - xo


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