Wednesday, January 12, 2022

the year of the quilt

priorities in 2022

finish up some of my works in progress:

put the pieced quilt tops together with batting and backs and begin to quilt them.  

the old dresden plate on new linen - ready to put together
the red sunlight and more yellow sunlight - I have some linen for a back
the green lamentation patched square - should I use a white wool back?

new beginning - use black thread in some areas
indigo checkerboard - please complete it jude
the first countdown to 50 years married is ready to quilt
the mended butterfly - mend and quilt

and those are only a few


  1. You shall have a rich and busy year!
    Whatever are those little blocks on the the bottom of the wall, look as if the quilt came alive and tumbled off!

    1. The little blocks on the bottom of the wall are the electrical plates and other things having to do with the heating or whatever. This design wall is in my town studio and I like it because it is high ( 10 and a half feet) but it has those darn pipes so I can only put my ceiling tile pin wall above them. These quilts are pinned as high as I can reach without getting onto my step ladder. xo

  2. I love the green on especially...I assume it is "Green Lamentation" and I wonder why. It looks like sun shining through new leaves in springtime.

    1. I hand pieced the small squares of both tops in early 2021. During that time my beautiful and intelligent niece died of cancer at age 38. In the green one I used up every single green piece of cloth I had at the time and it wasn't enough. I ran out of green and she ran out of time. Yes, the quilt looks like spring and youth and yes it is full of life, but it's not big enough to be a full sized bed quilt.
      As well, our world is in a time of lamentation. The pandemic is still with us and too many people are sick and then there is the climate disaster and the continuing unrest around the world, threats of war and man's inhumanity. These quilts are markers about this time in our history. I'm making more this year. Lamentation means passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

    2. this is why I come here ... to see the art you create and the story that gives it meaning for you and for us, both

  3. i have an old quilt that has used black thread in portions, cream in others, and it is nice. all squares. i have been encouraging the kids to buy quilts we find if they are taken by them. it is an ever growing and interesting collection.

    1. Serena, I am so glad to hear from you. I am glad to read about your quilts and your children and your important life.
      I am interested to find out that there is another quilt in this beautiful world that uses black thread in some places and cream in others - that's what I'm planning to do on my New Beginnings quilt. xo Be well

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