Saturday, February 14, 2015

be pleased, you living one

the back of the mourning cloth
a long dark center
indigo velvet

be pleased, you living one,
in your delightfully warmed bed,
before Lethe's ice-cold wave will
lick your escaping foot

from Roman Elegies 1790

Lethe is the river of oblivion.  It flows through Hades.
When one drinks the water, one forgets one's earthly life.


  1. Oh, this one reaches and resonates deep/deeply. I love it. I'm mesmerized. The fabrics. Their placement. Goethe's words. The photo. Is it coincidence that I see the photo in the arrangement of fabrics? I love how you see, assemble, interpret. And this is the back? The Mourning Cloth. Oh my goodness, yes.

    1. Yes, the poetic text and the poetic deer with the ice - it all fits. It's amazing how those kinds of things just fall into place.

      I'm feeling a little vulnerable with this blog, so appreciate your kind visits.

      It's helpful for me to realize how I work through days of experimenting - and experiencing...days and days before I figure out what I'm doing.

      I love how you are so responsive to words. x


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