Sunday, February 15, 2015

I start

I make a lot of starts

I have too many ideas

I like to open them up and see and feel if they will be the great idea rather than wait until I have extra time but before I can finish another idea comes tapping and I have to put the first aside so that I can touch the next.


  1. Delighted to see that you honor your ideas by giving them an audition when they show up. But do you really have too many ideas? I feel flooded with ideas, but know from experience that if I don't at least jot them down, the idea stream dries up. Those borders around your sampler pieces make all the difference. And I'm swooning over the base fabric and how nicely it pulls everything together by repeating the dots in your smaller stitched pieces. Loving this one, too. (Starting is my favorite part. Until I get all the design decisions made and I can just sit and stitch while watching tv with The Engineer or listening to an audio book. Then that's my favorite part.) Gosh, I'm loving these conversations. Thank you. xx

    1. You're right, no one can have too many ideas. But we do only have one life time.
      The dotted fabric is amazing I agree. Lately, I've been allowing myself to collect dotted fabrics - commercially printed. I have used dotted fabrics for the back fabrics of my grandsons' baby quilts - and i am planning to use this one for the back of my baby grand daughter's quilt.
      Do you work on several pieces at the same time Jeanne? I do.
      Thanks for visiting and for the supportive conversation.xx

    2. Oh do I ever know what you mean about only one lifetime! I may have reached an age where I declare myself tenured, but it's also the age when my neuro economic system kicks into gear, being much more discriminating at how I spend my time. And oh good lord, yes, I work on many projects at once. Dabble on this one. Fiddle with that one. Always have one small enough to tuck into the smallest bag when traveling. You once told me that it's the smaller projects that keep us going while we're working on the jinormous projects. I could get real discouraged if it took me a year to finish everything! Do love the dotted fabrics! How much do you buy when one catches your eye? I (previously) vowed that this would be the year I purchased no more fabric, but used what I have on hand. Well, it sounded good on paper anyway. . .

    3. Yes, I almost made a similar vow. I do like to use fabrics that have a history more and more, in combination with ones I've dyed myself. However, every once in a while I come across a fabric that I think I might be able to use, usually a dot. Usually black and white,
      When this happens I either get two yards or I get the rest of the bolt. Depends. x


I hope that we can have a conversation about creation. Thank you for taking interest. x