Sunday, March 22, 2015


small marks
empty spaces

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  1. As I dawdled in a bookstore on Friday (it's been too long), I came across about of drawings made by children with autism. I eagerly opened the book (hoping to find drawings similar to Nancy's, even though she does not have autism) and was rewarded by one. A single drawing. 3-4 colors - red, blues, yellow. Lines - this drawing was lines going everywhichaway. I looked at it for a while, just taking it in. Not trying to make it anything. Just marveling. Eventually I read the caption in which the boy's mother said this was a drawing of the family parakeet. The boy likes the parakeet for its bright colors and happy sounds. Looking back at the wild lines, I could see the parakeet. I couldn't decide if I was tickled or disappointed.


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