Sunday, April 12, 2015


I reference the horizon line.
I want to work in a poetic way
I live quite far away from art galleries

being an artist who works with cloth is solitary
But that is who I am.


  1. Working the horizontal line in a poetic way - Sugar, your mission is accomplished many times over. I, too, live quite far away from galleries and such, and while I love the silence, I occasionally crave visual and good conversation. Thank you for showing up here to talk creative process. I look forward to it, and miss your posts when I'm traveling and unable to get to a computer.

    1. Jeanne, thank you for showing up here too. Sometimes I worry that the design wall photos are just too messy - but that's the way they are. What I'm not showing here are the many sketches I do in response to the wall, and in drawing/thinking out the next step - what it might look like if I did this or if I did that.
      As for silence - I've had such a social week and a lot of biting my tongue so that I'm not too rude to people - i still was rude I think - but it was good to be alone again for a bit today.

    2. Is it possible to create without the messiness?! I think the sketches would be a fine addition to your design wall and to these posts. It's such an important part of your process.

      When I'm with people for as little as half a day, I find I need a good long nap. I sleep for at least 3 days after a social week. And my tongue? It's a whole lot shorter than it used to be.

  2. ...many times people don´t know what to do when there is silence...
    it is a enjoy it :)
    i like your maditative crative process.
    Have a great week!

    1. I love silence, Magdalena. Thank you for visiting and for understanding.x


I hope that we can have a conversation about creation. Thank you for taking interest. x