Monday, April 13, 2015

You construct a thing and then you work in a sense of play.
To allow that play within a tight structure is a good thing.
That's the art.

You're being delivered an idea through a language of formal beauty.
That sort of alchemy or magic comes through the act of looking.

Through looking you get this emphatic sense.

Mike Nelson - artist


  1. "Play within a tight structure" - a fine definition of art and a fine definition of your process. I love watching you play, audition, grapple, connect. Grappling is so important.

    1. Do you think the photos of a work in progress on the design wall is valuable for students?
      If I added in my sketchbook drawings?

  2. oh yes, absolutely. i think it's quite informative and educational, plus i think students build confidence vicariously by seeing how your beautiful work comes together, how it evolves, how it morphs - and that's where the sketchbook drawings are invaluable because isn't that where most of your pieces usually start, in the sketchbook? p.s. i think it would make for an invaluable book, too. just sayin'. . .

    1. a book. that is too much to think about.

      For the blog - I am not going to photograph my sketchbook. The design wall - I photograph that all the time because it helps me to see - the journal words - they are just notes that I've kept for myself anyway - and maybe it's relevant to see what I'm interested in context of what I'm making.
      I am considering my workshops and whether I might do a lecture or demo showing how I use the design wall.
      thanks Jeanne - love to hear from you .


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