Tuesday, April 14, 2015

the experience

It's during the making.
It's not afterwards.
It's not because of a good review.
It has to do with ideas coming together to somehow make this greater whole where everything becomes clear.
It's quite a strange experience.
I think many artists would say there is a moment when that happens, in whatever medium they're working, and when it is a really good piece of art, it can also give that experience to the viewer.

quote from mike nelson interview in border crossings


  1. it is indeed "a strange experience", isn't it, this colliding of ideas that often seems to happen in a flash, in a snap, when it's actually been percolating for a while. and when it gives an experience to the viewer, well, that's just the best part (even though i doubt many artists start out with the intention of creating something that will be found pleasing to the unknown viewers).

    1. Creating something is such a high for me - I'm really addicted to it i suppose. Need to do it every day. Need to have that experience.


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