Monday, August 29, 2016

just the essential features

I took apart the luminous halo path and pinned it in sections to the wall.

Then I took those sections apart.

The effect of vitality will be enhanced if the symbol states no more than the essential features, if it states them clearly, and if it states them swiftly, for the very swiftness of the execution will convey a sense of power and liveliness to the spectator.

This vitality must also be accompanied with the tenderness and subtlety born of long and earnest insight into nature.

C.J. Holmes  Notes on the Science of Picture Making


  1. Deconstruction, a creative act. I like the back a lot.

    1. It is hand pieced and so all the seams float and fly - different than machine piecing. I like it a lot too. Thanks for your visits here Jeanne. x


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