Friday, September 2, 2016

un-doing and looking

Nearly every time I walk by this room and peek in the open door and see this wall I enter.
I sit down in my Rothko chair and look.
And I let myself pick up another part of the machine pieced luminous path and un-pick it.
And then I take two pins and my cane, and walk over to the wall and pin up that small part.
And then I sit down again, and look some more.

I should be preparing my workshops.  Writing my speech.
I procrastinate by un-doing and looking.


  1. am enjoying this deconstruction and look forward to the refabrication

  2. Everything simmers and comes together in its own way, in its own time.

  3. It's me. You know how I do :: have a look, go away and ponder, come back and study it some more . . . I am quite intrigued and wondering if this one working you more than most do . . .


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