Monday, June 5, 2017

Being alive

We are all on a journey in our life time
We don't know what will come next
We don't know when we will die - yet we keep on.

My art making is a journey into my self.
Moments of exultation
Moments of utter defeat
Moments of survival
Moments of feeling loved
Moments of feeling lost
Moments of giving


  1. Your work has such depth; Seeing it, I always feel as if I'm on a fascinating journey, so full of the unexpected.

    1. As I continue to stitch into this piece, I am falling in love with it and it's soft texture. It's giving me back way more than I am giving it. xo

  2. such freedom of wild line with stitch, this is brilliant! the John Olsen exhibition at the AGNSW finishes this weekend must see it!

    1. yes, the wild lines in this piece are inspired by John Olsen - if you haven't gone to that show - then get thee there my child. I have the catalogue. xo

    2. will see it Friday arvo for sure to avoid the weekend last minute crowds!


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