Sunday, June 11, 2017


wool textiles carry fertility

they hold metaphor and story telling

wool is a metaphor of spiritual force

symbolic of the benevolence of nature

wool happens because God gives rain

wool is the end result

wool is a life force

wool is an amulet

when wool is in a restless pattern, it confounds and confuses the bad spirits


  1. there is such exuberant joy in this piece, I held it in my mind's eye whilst exploring John Olsen's retrospective at the AGNSW on Saturday, your process gave me a way into understanding his & I enjoyed the show all the more for that!

    1. I think that he called those lines that he uses so much energy lines. They do add a lot of spark - maybe more than I wanted in this piece - now I am working to calm it down a bit. So glad that you got to see his work face to face. xo

    2. I discounted Olsen's work as messy abstracted expressionism back in 1973 when I was first confronted by his huge painting for the Sydney Opera House and have never enjoyed it til now, your interest in his sense of line and colour opened my eyes and heart to his!

    3. glad to read this dearest mo. xoxo
      I loved his work and then I stopped loving it, and then I loved it again. So is our fate as artists. To be loved and then not...but to be true to ourselves we can't worry about what others think. just do it. just go on.

  2. Ha. And I've only known wool as scratchy and stinky when wet. Seems I've been a little shortsighted.


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