Monday, February 9, 2015

be true

the way through?

be true to yourself

but this is too difficult

no one knows herself


  1. this one is getting very interesting, intriguing. "the only way out is through" - that's what they say about labyrinths. which seems perfectly appropriate here. pieces of old journals there? "no one knows herself." does she even know herself, me wonders . . .

    1. yes, journal pages
      from the journal I kept when I turned 60

      this black dress piece is about being a mature woman who has raised a big family and also maintained an exhibiting art career

    2. and about how older women become invisible

      and about how older women are expected to do things like bake sales and big family dinners without a blink

      and about how mature artists are expected to speak articulately about their practice without a blink

      and about waiting for success - the dress is still on the hanger

  2. i am listening to (and reading) The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock. It's the story about Mary Delaney who started making what ultimately became the precursor to collage. You know the book? The artist? Mary became an artist at 72 years of age. I hadn't noticed the coat hanger. I love this piece even more now that I have some back story. That black dress is just my size. . .

    1. The book has been recommended to me several times and I do own a copy. I'll move it to the top of my pile.x


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