Saturday, February 7, 2015

wabi sabi

nothing lasts

nothing is perfect

nothing is finished


  1. oh boy did i ever need to read those words today (except for the "nothing is finished". at least not in the context of moving my mother!) really loving the bunchiness oh - and i see some "water stain" looking marks on some of the surround fabric. stains are always evocative to me. stains hold some doozy stories. seems like the velvet piece would be heavier than the surrounding fabric and wondering how or if that affects the whole? loving the blue work you've got going on here, too. how many projects do you generally have percolating at one time?

  2. Jeanne - hello dear

    the velvet piece is heavier than the surround, and I am thinking about how I will deal with that. Maybe I can do something with the batting.

    I have a lot of pieces percolating at one time. Always. I wish that my days were longer.

    Is your mother moving into an apartment or a retirement home?

    1. She's moving to another home in a retirement community - a home that's half the size of this house and yet she's quite sure everything will fit quite nicely. This caring for aging parents really is different and more trying than tending to children, don't you think? We sorted through clothes today. I held out
      several pieces that you'll no doubt see re-invented. Eventually. I haven't stitched a single stitch since Tuesday afternoon. I grow quite cranky. Thanks
      for asking. I'm truly enjoying watchng your pieces twist and turn, morph and form.

    2. P.S. Fingers crossed that sharing your process and carrying on conversations doesn't take you away from your work so much that you stop;)

    3. reply to a: It is different, and yes it is more trying. At least with children, they love you for it.

      reply to b: I am enjoying this connection with you Jeanne. You just came through Nancy's move, and now this new one. You are the one who mustn't give up.


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